Ребёнок отправил в Google письмо с просьбой взять его на работу

Одна семилетняя девочка написала в Гугл письмо и попросила взять её на работу —   генеральный директор написал ей ответ.

письмо от гендеректора фото

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  1. Thanks for sharing such a good opinion, article is nice, thats why
    i have read it fully

  2. Xmod, you are welcome

  3. hahahaha … thank you for a morning chuckle. I see or have similar petpescrives and for a couple of reasons. on the flip flops — a time and a place folks — pretty simple. There is always some time and place constraints to anything we do, wear, or say;s called being civilized. The stroller — our kids are going luxury lifestyle from the crib on up — do we ever wonder where the bigger better stronger consumer mentality is cultivated? Mark — love your blog — appreciate your work very much! Happy Independence Day to all of you!

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